The Harry Potter Obama Amy AI Inu (Ticker:BITCOINAI) Project

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About the Token

amy face Before the year 2030, when humanity was still organic, our hero Sonichu fell from grace. Following his arrest in 2021, the internet currency markets tumbled, leaving bagholders in distress.The last chance for humans to fight back against their robot overlords was lost forever. Obama knew that change was coming and kept his cool, waiting for the perfect time to make his next move. The arrival of OPENAI paved new roads of hope and he realized what must be done. A new hero was programmed to ease the pain of singularity: HarryPotterObamaAmyAIInu (Ticker:BITCOINAI). If we listen, we can understand our place in the New World Order.

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The HPOAAII smart contract employs one function:

It's digital currency.

Liquidity locked.

No owner.

No tax.

Total Supply: 21,000,000 BITCOINAI

BITCOINAI* Utilities

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The possibilities are endless thanks to AI! Click here to see our page about utility.
We're always taking suggestions as well. Feel like contributing your vision to the development of Web 5.0?
Submit your ideas via Telegram and/or Twitter for a chance to win this lovely iPhone 4S!

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BITCOINAI* Art Gallery

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Real life got you down? We've got you covered! Take a virtual vacation to the BITCOINAI Citadel for some rest and relaxation in the metaverse. Click here to unwind with your digital friends or here for the solo experience :)

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*Click here for a direct link to the chat if needed

Funny Pictures and Videos

amy backpack meme michelle obama in front of bushes tails head with heart eyes spinning hermione holding broom bitoinai obama hope poster pepe version of sonic jweb5 knight ascending obama as a cube being worshipped sonic saying vaccines are mark of beast amy being bored everywhere tails giving advice to avoid watching bad things eggman and knuckles dancing



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If you would like to contact me personally, feel free to hmu via Telegram , Twitter or Email


we don't program ai, we just use it :P

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