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The word utility is a meme at this point. 90% of all coins are some type of inu with a Telegram bot or an app of some sort. Not a website. Gated. Funny how the internet was more decentralized before crypto existed... People say they want governments to treat crypto as a currency, yet they invest in tokens as if they're stocks. Why buy HarryPotterObamaAmyAIInu (Ticker:BITCOINAI)? What's the use case? It's digital currency. Simple as.

Having said all that, here's a few of the common AI utilities offered in this space on one simple webpage! :)

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BITCOINAI* Art Generator

The art of the future, today! Submit your works to Telegram and/or Twitter to be featured on the BITCOINAI* Art Gallery!

*Made with @aiimggenerator
**Original generator was @SumoApps but they require login now. It's free, just need an email. Click here to try


Safe(r) investments made easy with Web 5.0 technology!

*Made with @ElysiumX_Defi
**Which is a knockoff of @0x0Audits with better colors heh. Click here for the real one, which isn't much better (yet) tbh


99% of AI tokens are just Telegram bots made with ChatGPT. Have fun!

*Made with @heypi_ai


Thanks to AI, there truly is someone for everyone. Even you! :D

*Made with @botmakeofficial

More Funny Pictures

sonic and amy how ai tech can lead to wealth youre a wizard knuckles haram amy obama bricks magic raising the charts hagrid swimming in the metaverse obama vote campaign amy holding a mallet bon voyage amy metaverse poster eggman dancing datsun amy vaporwave pool


just reiterating, we aren't programming any ai :)

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